Team INFINIT Performance

Squeezing out what ever energy I had left

Post Reach the Beach relay I wasn't sure what was in the tank for this race, but dug deep to find all the reserves I had. Was very pleased with a 2 min course PR!

Well having finished up Reach the Beach relay, a 200ish mile relay run from Bretton Woods NH to Hampton Beach NH in 33 hours and change having run 21 miles on about 2.5 hours of sleep, I wasnt sure what to expect for my last Tri of the season.  Sometimes you have more left in the tank then you know.

Arrived at the venue abround 6pm and had a hour to check and get ready.  Sat in the car and used the massage gun on the legs to get them fired up.  I was tired and knew this could be a struggle.  

Swim - we had some big waves, maybe 4-5 footers to deal with, but thankfully the swim was a just 800 yards and with low tide made it only about a 700 yard swim.  Fighting through the waves took evertyhing I had.  I was so glad to get out of the water and on the bike,  Wasnt my fastest swim, but I will take it.

Bike - took the first few miles to servey the body to see how I was feeling.  Felt great so pushed the pace as much as I could.  Any incline, was a bit of a struggle as I didnt have the power to push up the inclines.  The last 4 miles I fell a part with a string headwind and nothing in the tank. Finsihed with a average speed of just under 20 mph

Run - was hoping to just hold a 9 min pace on this flat course, but ended up with a pace of 7:59 so I was jazzed!  Felt surprisingly well on the run.  

Overall a 2 min course PR I will take!  I know I could have been faster if I had fresh legs.  Missed top 3 in my age group by 4 minutes which I know I could have gotten!  Next year!

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