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Looking back, IM Indiana

A post about how my day went in Muncie.

Yesterday, I finished Ironman #3 in Muncie, IN. This was my first big race back after over 4-1/2 years of being plagued by hamstring injuries. I honestly didnt know if I would ever get back to doing things like crossing an Ironman finish line. I'm so glad I did. Thanks to my awesome wife, Meggan Findley, who followed me around during the day while keeping our girl, Lillian, in tow. Also to my parents, Lew and Sheila, for being there to support me and to support Meggan. So thankful they brought a canopy tent to provide shelter from all the rain we had on the day.

A quick recap of the race... Swim: I've been having a lot of negative thoughts lately about my open water swim anxieties. So glad I was able tl get in 2 swims this week before the race as it calmed me down big time. Water was 65° and it was pretty perfect for racing in a wetsuit. It never felt cold. The swim went really well. No anxiousness, only a few times did I get touched or nudged, and it always seemed like the same guy I was play zig-zag with. The far end of the course had some pretty choppy water because of the 8mph winds but all-in-all it was a good swim at 1:23:44

Bike: I lowered my expectations for the bike after having 2+ weeks of being sick and loosing a lot of steam I had building. The first loop had a lot of headwind going south and my speed felt slow. My watts were staying a little on the high side. On the way back north the wind seemed to be shifting more to a crosswind. On the second loop going south my speed felt higher even as my watts declined. I think my second loop was faster. It started raining after about 3 hours on my bike and it never really stopped for long the rest kf the day. I was getting tired and couldnt stay in my aero position very well towards the end. The hamstring injury prevented me from training in aero earlier in the year. I got the bike done a little bit slower than I had hoped but I didnt care. My time goals were pretty open by this point. Finish in 6:00:51

Run: starting to run and overall I felt surprisingly good. The only negative was the bottom of my right foot(outside edge) was really sore from my bike shoes. It hampered me a lot during the run. First 7 or 8 miles went well running a 9:30-10min pace and walking aid stations. Then I started walking uphills too. My watch died around mile 11. At the halfway point I got to see the family. I stopped to tell thrm how things were going. "There will be a lot of walking the 2nd half!" And I was really ok with that. Later in the loop, about mile 17 the chicken broth was finally getting put out. I knew I needed the sodium and the broth delivered. I could feel it giving me more energy. I started running more and more again. Downhills and flats as much as I could and as much as it hurt my entire body to try. Eventually the finish neared. If anyone knows Muncie, you remember the steep hill at the finish line. I gritted my teeth, put on a smile, and I ran up tgat damn hill! Yelling out, "Fuck yeah" as I did and I got so many cheers and hell and fuck yeahs back as I did it. I was stoked! I was still running down the chute looking for my family and finally saw them at the left and went over and kissed and hugged them all. Even Lil yells out, "Daddy Im recording!" I went and crossed the finish line. I never heared them say my name but in the videos I definitely heard him say my name twice. Haha. Finish of 5:39:29 on the run. Overall time of 13:18:44. A 22 minute PR and while 2 months ago I would have wanted that to be an hour faster, today I could care less. I am happy with my day. I am also happy to not be training for an Ironman anymore! Lol. Thanks for reading.

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