Team INFINIT Performance

Parris Island Triathlon

March 12, 2018 - PR by 2:24!

This is the first race of the year for the Setup Events South Carolina Triathlon Series.  It was a sold out race with 450 entries.  This year I chose to race in Master's Open Male division, instead of Age Group.  Any male 40 years or older can choose to race in this division.  There were 7 entries in that division.  I placed 4th.  Off the podium by just under two minutes. 

This is a pool swim so each person starts about 5 seconds apart.  I very anxious entering the pool 4th and was concerned that I might hold somebody up, but I swam fast enough that I was never passed.  I ended up having the 6th fastest swim of the day.

The bike was uneventful, just a lot of hard breathing and burning legs.  It was a bit cool at the start of the bike leg (55F) but the sun was shining so it wasn’t too bad.

The run had a couple of near uh-ohs as this race takes place on the marine training base and the troops are actively training and may cross the roads during the race.  If they do you must stop and let me pass.  I had just started the run when a formation was beginning to cross the road.  I stopped to let them pass but the kind sergeant waved me by.  I was very grateful for that.  I came up to another formation getting ready to cross the road, but I was by them before they started to cross.

I had a really good race and beat my 2011 PR of 1:03:25 by 2:24.  I had a faster swim, T1, bike (by 4 seconds), T2 and run.  The run is my weakest leg and I was quite pleased to see that my run time was 1:21 faster than 7 years ago.  All thanks to my new coach Katie Malone!

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