Team INFINIT Performance

Good Race- Not my Best- The Half Marathon BLOW Up

Great race- venue, volunteers and spectators! Brief pre report- great swim, rubbed tires from an oncoming peloton- miraculously avoided a catastrophic day ruiner, my bike expense drained my run- putted in from mile 14.

The swim was impressive, very nice starting out- I self seeded around the back of 1.10 expected pack on the rolling start. Fast start and swam by many swimmers. The water was warm, it was 75 and wet suit legal so I wore a wetsuit and felt ok with it- murky also- about 3 ft visibility and looked gross but smelled and felt good. The large houses and spotting was simple, the weird part was the red loops we swam through that was around the half way point- unexpected. Just before the canal it opened up so I picked up the pace and the spectators through the washing machine part was manageable. Towards the end my left calf started to cramp up on me but never came full go. Came out of the water excited, put in some effort and felt like I had a super fast swim at 1.08. 

Wetsuit strippers helped and I took my time through transition- was well prepared for the race

Bike started off awesome- got to chat with my wife and kids for a bit, got a picture and off I went. Started with 3 jelly sandwiches packed on and 2 bottles of my custom Infinit mix. Route out to Hardy was my easy ride- then at mile 20 we started into the Hardy Toll which was bumpy with the overpass transitions and the wind was pretty tough. After the turning around and seeing my speed from 15 to 30 was impressive. About mile 30 I got sucked into a Peloton and rubbed wheels, truly thought I was going down and somehow her speed shot her quickly out of the way and I straightened up quick enough to see 15 bikers flying by all around me. I was pissed- this took me about 10 miles to get back to a stable mindset to race my race. At the first turnaround the penalty tent was packed- smiled a little! This followed by the 30 mile per hour smokefest for 20 miles barely touching the pedals was enjoyable until the 60 mile mark- the start of the second loop. I had already decided to work the 20 miles back up to the turnaround and thats what I did. My nutrition plan fell behind as I took on more than I had planned with the additional wind. Stopped and grabbed my special needs bag with some gummies and another jelly sandwich which helped. Over the overpasses I stood up and felt my quads twitching- not a good sign. Many times I remember thinking- 'I cannot wait until the precious turnaround'!!! then like a miracle- it was in site- reloaded at the aid with water and gatoraid then cruised for the returning 20 back toward town. After getting off the Hardy, the ride back to transition seemed to take forever and used it more of a cool down than a race effort. Off the bike then the walk to transition- I was unable to jog it in but knew the legs would come back so gave them some rest.

After a nice long 10+ min transition with water, reapplication of sunscreen- off to the run. Started off as planned slow. My plan worked great until some GI issues at the 2nd mile, short lived. Heart rate and pace were steady for the next 8 miles- looked pretty good then the wheels fell off. My pace plummeted and my legs started to threaten cramping up on me. Juiced it up double at the next aid station but it was to late- by mile 13 I was on a long walk, quickly passing up the Ironman shuffle which kept bringing threats of full on cramp mode. Putted in the next several miles- finishing up the 2nd lap saw my wife and the girls- chatted em up for a bit and told her its going to be another 2-3 hours until I finish- which it was about a 2.5 hour next 10 mile stretch. Met some good people that also were on the walk- some it seemed professional walkers- I was impressed. Finished the race just after dark for a 13.45! 

I will be back to challenge the run course again. 

I recommend and approve this race!

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