Team INFINIT Performance

Little D on the Monacacy Race

12 mile race down the Monacacy River with 3 miles of upstream turns

One of the best races, hands down.  Not only does this race have multiple distance options, but all of the proceeds go to help families with terminally ill children.  There are no race fees, all they ask for is a donation of your choice.  I signed up online quickly, without my wallet, but I actually enjoyed giving my donation in person at the end.  It was a beautiful give back moment.

My friend Rob, was one of the sponsors of the race, and his main focus was to have the “East Coast Rotomolded Championship” as part of this race.  He sponsored that division, found rotomolded surf skis for everyone who entered, donated Epic Kayak Schwag bags, and gathered the racers.

We had 8 racers all together, 6 men and 2 women  for the rotomolded division.  Our course featured 2 upstream turns,  the first turn was after 1.5 miles, and you went 2 miles back up stream, and then turned around to continue downstream.  The second turn was at the end- you went a mile past the finish line, then turned upstream for the last mile.  Water levels were low, which made the upstream sections even more challenging.

It was a great challenge for me personally, since I had Shingles for the last 6 weeks prior.  It was a perfect race to test my endurance levels.  

I finished first for the women in the rotomolded division, earning myself the title of “East Coast Rotomolded Champion”

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