Team INFINIT Performance

The Gains

50k race from Alamogordo,NM to Cloudcroft,NM

Brew2Brew "FatAss" 50k running from 575 Brewing Company in Alamogordo up into the Sacramento Mountains to finish at Cloudcroft Brewing Company.  Over the 31 mile race there was an elevation gain of 7300 with max elevation at 9100.  The first 3 miles of the route is through the paved roads of Alamogordo with a gradual elevation gain then we hit A-Trail trailhead for a steep 3 mile climb.  This first intense climb and the 90 degree temps with full exposure caused many runners to drop.  After the climb, the trail opened up to more of a rolling hill area still full exposure to the sun with finally a break at mile 8 for the first aid station. The trail then transitions to a white gravel road for 3 miles which was blinding and hot.  By mile 11 we turn back on to soft pack dirt with continually climb to aid station 2 at mile 15.  Aid Station 2 has the first shaded tree area with a break from the heat. Up to this point there hasn’t been much of a view just massive rocks and gravel. The next section for 3.5 miles is more gravel road and straight up!!! The road was covered with a variety of butterflies which made the climb more pleasant.  Finally, we hit the Rim Trail, trees, shade, runnable sections, and views accompanied with light breezes.  I completed missed aid station 3 since they had placed it off trail after the turn to stay on the Rim Trail.  I found out later we had to pass the turn for .10 mile to find the station then come back to the trail.  Luckily, I found other runners that had dropped earlier on the trail that had extra water to help me make it to mile 26 aid station.  Mile 20 to 26 were absolutely beautiful and peaceful with the abundance of trees, soft packed trail, views of Lincoln mountain national park, and the city.  From mile 26 to 30 you run along a trail paralleling the main road to Cloudcroft till you hit Main Street then a mile of road running to Cloudcroft Brewery.  Going into this race I wasn’t prepared for the combination of heat and elevation.  This was the first weekend we had high heat and I wasn’t trained properly for it especially with this being a fatass and the limited water and food resources.  I will definitely be suggesting for next year that we ask runners to donate a bag of ice. This race was well managed by the directors and volunteers with supplying runners with Gaia and written directions, with 4 aid stations, telephone numbers in case of emergency or questions, marking the course at turning points, and having a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.  This is my first race of 2022 and hope the rest of my races are a success.  

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