Team INFINIT Performance

You can say one thing about the bike, if it isn't going up, it's going up!

May 22, 2018 - Swim and bike went well. Bike only had 3255' of climbing and the steepest of it was in the last 18 miles. The run started out strong but...

at about mile 7 everytime I took a drink of my Infinit run mix I got a feeling of nausea.  I figured that because the bike was misty and drizzly that maybe I hadn't sweated as much as normal and had too much Infinit in me from the bike.  I decided at that point to forgo drinking any more.  Well at the end of mile 9 I could no longer keep my heart rate at my goal.  It was 10-15 beats below and I was breathing like I was at my race pace.  Then I started feeling just a little lightheaded.  So I walked some of mile 10 and most of mile 11.  During that time I thought well maybe my electrolyes were off since I had quit drinking my run mix.  So at the next aid station I refilled my bottle with run mix and drank half of it on the spot.  I had a little coke and a coulle of crackers.  By the end of mile 11 I was moving along again feeling 100% better and by the end of the run my heart rate was back at my race pace and I was running as well as I would have expected.  So I guess I should have kept my nutrition on plan!  Regardless of that I still had my best 1/2 iron distance run split.  Just think if I had fueld correctly.  Overall though I am happy with the race.  Everything (mostly) went as planned.

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