Team INFINIT Performance

Another PR by 5:51(Must be due to a really good coach)

June 24, 2018 - Some people have no idea of what courtesy is...

I had a pretty good race even though going into it I was unsure of how I would do.

That swim is so short,(250M) and with all the swimming I have been doing 250m is almost a sprint distance these days.  The one bad thing of the race was the girl that started in front of me on the swim.  I caught her by the second length.   I had to stand up and stop twice so as not to run over her after turns .  I touched her toes about 5 times per length but she wouldn't let me by...then I got out of the pool in front of her, I used the ladder and she used the wall and as I was running for the door she came up inside me and forced me to the right.  (Double doors with a post in the middle)  That caused me to hit my watch, which caused it to fly off the quick release so then I had to stop and pick it up.  Frustrating start, maybe that was why the bike was what it was.  I caught and passed her inside the first mile of the bike.  Not sure what she was trying to prove.

I did have a couple of stretches of road on the bike where I could really open it up.  I had a solid 7 minute stretch of speed above 20 mph.  Not too bad for me on a rolling course.  I think I did okay on the climbs too so it was a good bike.

I have only raced this race once before with a time of swim- 3:43, bike- 46:22 & run 26:28 for a 1:17:49.

So I have my 3rd PR this season since I beat everyone of those old splits and finished with 1:11:58, just a bit quicker :-).

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