Team INFINIT Performance

Back in the Saddle, Again

First time back racing since knees exploded in October.

 Hey Team Infinit!

I am very excited to be writing a race report instead of deleting an other race I had reigstered for, but was unable to compete in. After popping through the last bit of cartiledge on my left knee in October, and having stem cell therapy in February, I can actually pedal a bike again. Not quite able to run, and maybe never, but there are these things called Aquabikes, and I am thrilled that they exist.

Litchfield Hills (and Hills and Hills) is put on by the Hartford Marathon organization, and it was well organized and attended. It started in a clear lake, and with new confidence in my swimming, I lined up in the front of my wave. With the front group comes chaos! And this was not a thing I was used to, so I hung out there for the first buoy, but then went to find clear water and settle in. My time was good for me, but clearly I still have a lot of work to do in swimming. The transition run was .25 miles--the most I have run since October, and I was a little unnerved, but no knee pain, and onto the bike.

I chose to ride my road bike for this super hilly, wet, choppy road, and the opening descent was a 45.5 mph whooper. I settled into the drops on my road bike and gave it everything I had for an hour, five minutes. Too bad I had 15 more minutes to go. LOL. Well, as a training race, I wanted to see what I could do and to get a benchmark of where I need to go for the Maine half aquabike. 

I got passed in those last 15 minutes, and thus finished third for the aquabike division. I really couldn't have asked anymore from my body, so I'm pleased. I also got to meet another Team Infinit member--Chris Eggert! It's awesome to go to races alone, but find a buddy via this team. Thanks Chris!

As I move into doing more longer rides now, I've switched to GoFar, and I am really happy to feel like I still have matches to burn later in my rides.

Thanks everyone! You've continued to inspire me as I've struggled to try to find my fitness again.





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