Team INFINIT Performance


I DID IT! Now I want more. . .

 Hi guys!

This event was not supposed to happen, according to my doctors, but it did. I showed up to Maine solo and overwhelmed and crowd-sourced my way through most of the mandatory events: On look, a line, I should probably stand in it. Oh look! People with wetsuits are walking over there, that’s probably the start. Logistics are not my thing.

The TT start for the swim worked out for me as a first-timer in an event of this size. The beep sent me down the beach at a jog, then I jumped into the water and salt water promptly filled my left google. Ugh. Stop, readjust, twice. Finally, two minutes after I started my Garmin, I could start swimming. All the practice of sighting with Tower26 helped me stay on course to the first turn, then into the sun we go as waves crash into my face and I drink a lot of salt water. Turn to the shore and try to pick up the pace to take advance of the waves. Out of the water, up the beach, onto the street through the longest transition ever. Onto the bike, and off we go. The first 15 miles of the bike were easy—actually, the hardest thing was to keep back enough to not get into the draft zone. The hills came and went, then at mile 40, my inner things were done with aero bar position. Sitting bolt upright for the last 16 miles, I tried to appreciate that my knees are completing a task that I didn’t think they could. Off the bike, all smiles and REALLY  happy there is an aqua bike category.



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