Team INFINIT Performance

First Win of the Year

October 01, 2018 - Another PR by 5 minutes!

This is a point to point race.  I enjoy not having to return to where I left.  It makes the day more fun.  We swam  2 laps in Lake Greenwood, then biked to downtown Greenwood.  A two lap run followed.  Maybe someday the race organizer will make it a one lap affair, 6.5 out and 6.6 to the finish.  It is always hard to come by the finish knowing you have to do another lap!

My swim was good got into a nice rhythm and enjoyed the water.  The temperature was a perfect 80F.

The bike was where my PR was made.  I was a little over 8 minutes faster this year and that was surprising to say the least.

The run, always my weak leg, was 3 minutes slower than last year, but that may have been due to the much faster bike.  One never knows how things will play out.

No nutrition issues on this race. All went well with fuel on the run for a change.  Used a different blend then at the last race and was much more successful with nausea during the long run.

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