Team INFINIT Performance

Last race of the series and season for me, but another PR

October 15, 2018 - The paddleboarders and kayakers couldn't get in the water. Too windy.

It was a very nice and cool morning.  There was a breeze blowing which was kicking up the lake and by the time the race was to start it was decided that the boaters could not safely be in the water.  So, they cancelled the swim and turned the race into a duathlon.  I would never race a duathlon as running is my weak leg.  Oh well.  I was there so gotta go for it.  They started the bikes off in time trial fashion about every five seconds.  My coach was there and she said "I want to see some power numbers from you today"  Well since I lost the advantage I would gain in the water and figured there was no way for me to place, I decieded to hammer the bike and not worry about running afterward.  My bike was a PR for this race by 1:45 and my power was my 3rd all time 20 minute output.  Per training peaks I increased my threshold power value from 241 to 265.  I had a good bike.  I then proceeded to run my fastest 5k this season, 0:45 from a PR for the race.  I have done this race around 10 times.  I missed podium by 1:30, might have made it if we swam, who knows.  Overall a good day and a really good season for me.

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