Team INFINIT Performance

First Race Back in 12 months- So Much Fun and Perfect Event to Ease Back In!

Hincapie Gran Fondo Greenville was a race I registered for at the last minute. I had surgery in May and was expected to recover for 6-8 months before I would be ready to increase my intensity or efforts on a race course. I decided to go to Greenville to see how I felt on my bike for a 50 mile (Medio distance) road race with almost 4000 feet of climbing. I took it easy and made a few stops to regroup with friends and I am happy to say that even with pit stops, it was an amazing (albeit wet) day with great results only 5 months post surgery. Looks like I am ready to get to it for 2019!


I would love to hear if you would do that race again. I am very tempted to sign up this year, 2022, but am worried about the weather! I mean, its Hincapie right? Just sign up, but man, it has rained almost every year it has been held. Cold and rain just do not suit this little man's mojo. Any thoughts?