Team INFINIT Performance

Dreary Day - so-so race

April 15, 2019 - Weather was iffy, some rain some sun. Quite humid!

So, I felt like I had a pretty lousy race. When I look at last year’s results my swim and bike were similar but my run was not. That was a surprise as both legs felt awful.

The swim didn't go very well, I was having a hard time breathing. I think maybe it was the constriction of the wet-suit. I went out pretty hard and made it to the first buoy first, but after that turn I just couldn't get good breathing and my legs were burning. I slowed my pace down but never got comfortable. When I came out of the water I tried to run to transition but had to walk a bunch of it. I just couldn't get my breathing into a good rhythm and for a minute thought I was going to throw up. Took my time in T1 and got going on the bike. The first few miles I was still just trying to get my breathing back, watched some AG's pass me and eventually I started to ride okay and passed a couple of them back. I never felt fast but my bike split says I did okay. Got off the bike and headed out on the run. I felt like I was running pretty well, but my run split was a couple of minutes slower than last year. Disappointing. I guess all races can't be PRs, and there is going to be the occasional disappointment. Looking back at the prior week’s run training I was having a hard time with my legs then. I guess they were just tired. Anyway this was not an "A" race, which is 4 weeks a way and I am hoping I am just at a point in the training cycle that I am worn out.

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