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Lissa Loves Local!!!

May 07, 2019 - The 12th annual Nanticoke River Multisport Festival was the kickoff event for the (recently revived) Eastern Shore Triathlon Series, consisting of 3 sprint tris on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland.

 The Nanticoke River Sprit Triathlon was my very first triathlon in 2017, When I went in the (cold, extremely choppy) water that day I wasn't sure I'd be able to finish. Fast-Forward to 2019 and I'm standing in the water again...this time with my 15-year-old daughter, Mo, who was racing her first adult-distance race.

While the water was calm, it poured buckets throughout the race, particulaly during the bike. Ah well-we were wet already, right? Mo asked that I stay with her on the swim, and then as we exited the water she yanked my wetsuit zipper down and said "Bye!!! See you at the finish!"

A note on momming and racing at the same time: it's hard! I had her all set to go, and realized as we walked down to the water that my hair was still loose. Walking and braiding I further realized that my bike computer was still in my bag. Priorities, Lissa-the kid comes first, just pedal the damn thing :) Every time I saw her on the course my mom-heart swelled and my eyes filled up a bit. And of course when I couldn't see her, I wondered if she was okay.

Fast forward through a soggy, conservative bike (I like to keep my skin on my body) and run that felt great! One advantage of a slow swim is that I get to pass people on the other two legs. I was startled by a television reporter in T2 but managed not to say anything rude, which was probably good since I sent the press release alerting them to the event.

Finished the day with AG1st, 5th female overall, and most imprtantly with a newly minted triathlete. Mo finished the race with a grin, and committed to the rest of the series.

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