Team INFINIT Performance

Short Swim / Hot Day

May 23, 2019 - Easy swim, fun bike, tough run!

Got to the swim start at 6:30ish. (30 minutes before race start).  Stood in the porta potty line for 30 minutes, they really need to organize that better. Heard the cannon for the pros start and msde my way as close to the front of the swim start as I could.

Easy swim, disappointed that it was cut short. They never cut the run or bike short if its windy so why change the swim? Not fair! :-)

Anyway, easy swim then ran up to T1 got my bike and headed out. The first hour of the ride I was being forced to pass people so that I wouldn't be called for drafting. Passing 4 or 5 people at a time because they WERE drafting. Not sure people understand the drawfting rules.  I tried to get my heart rate down, but...way too much going on. I tried to settle into a steady power band but that was impossible due the the nature of the course so I focused more on heart rate than power and just rode the rollers. It was a fun bike. The bike felt really good.

Got back and headed to T2. Started the run feeling okay but I just kept getting slower. Walked through most water stations after about mile 5. Walked up the steep stuff, walked a little here and there. I was not out of gas, but my legs were fatigued. Maybe I went to hard on the bike? Not sure if that if I had gone easier on the bike if it would have made any difference or not. I guess I will have to try something like that in training and see how it goes. The real question is that if I give up 2mph on the bike and rode at 20 avg instead of 22, (15 minute slower bike) how much faster would I be on the run? I ran 11:04's avg, so if I ran 9:00's that would be 26 minutes, 10's would be 13 minutes better. Not sure if it would change anything or not.

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