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2019 Mack Cycle Trilogy - 1st race of 4

June 17, 2019 - My third triathlon, 2nd place Athena division, within the last three months. And its all Matthew Kucharski fault :)

I am practically a newbie to this sport. Two years ago i did a few duathlon. For me the swim is the most challenging portion of the race. I am asthmatic and i tend to have anxiety attacks when under a lot of stress and the water just scares the living crap of me. 

So this has keep me off the triathlon, not unitl 5 months ago when i started to work with Matthew. I went from pool swims with fins, to no toys on the pool at all. My first triathlon swim was scary, but manage to finishin it within 21 minutes. I hang on to the buoy for my dear life. Second was a lot more better. Both were in a lake except this time around it was open water.

This day was fathers day, it was rainy and windy. Its an open water - ocean swim and my swim wave was the third one. We started all well, waiting for everyone to enter the water and i stayed behing everyone feeling or getting into my pace. All was good until rain and wind started to pick up after the first bouy, then we were swiming against the currents and it was hard to breath without drinking water. Waves were going wild, and i keep drinking water until it went in the wrong path and i started to cough. I couldn't stop coughin and this is when i decided to be safe and i raised my hand and i was taken out of the race.

As soon as i got back to being my color and was able to breath, i walked out of the beach just to see my former coach looking at what was happening. Her words were "you can do it, gather your self again and get back there". So i waited 5 minutes until i saw the ocean water be more calm and i didnt feel the wind and i jump right back into the male 40-45 wave. At that monent, ski had cleared of the rain, wind was calm and water was perfect and it was. Finish my swim within 10 minutes and moved on to the rest of the race.

This race bike course has one bridge that you must past twice back to back. At this point it was raining again but i manage to go up the bridge slowly and come back down at a reasonable and safe pace. The rest of the road was flat and wet roads so we rode carefully.

Got out of the bike into the run course, and by this time i was so relieved to have finish the swim and bike and i finally got to relax and enjoy the race. I was the happiest individual in that race, everyone else face was suffering except me :)

Crossed the finish line and what do you know, second place Athena group 40+

Lots of thanks to my coach Matt, thanks for believing in me. 

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