Team INFINIT Performance

The last of the short stuff (no-I won't be getting taller)

June 26, 2019 - Final race in the 2019 Eastern Shore Sprint Series-3 races on Maryland's Lower Eastern Shore (Wicomico, Somerset and Worcester Counties), The series was a great way to test myself in race conditions before heading into my big race for the season, and my first full IM. Next Stop, Lake Placid :)

 It's hard to complain about a beautiful day racing with firends! The Pocomoke Triathlon is held at the Lower Shore YMCA in Pockomoke, Maryland. The spring-fed pond swim is ideal for novices, the bike course is flat (it is the Eastern Shore after all) and the run this year was MUCH improved. The three lap course on a mix of trails and pavement made for slightly slower times (although pace in results is off as calculated for a 5K when distance was 3.3+) it was super spectator frienly and eliminted the run by the dreaded house of a zillion dogs that has been the race's low point for years.

The race was the end of the Eastern Shore Sprint Series, following Nanticoke and Crisfield in May. I was lucky enough to take home 1st in my age group in all three races, and 2nd female overall for the series. Even more exciting, My 15 year old daughter Mo (Morgan) competed in all three in BOTH the long course youth and adult divisions, taking home 1st in the youth series and age group wins in both divisions. GO MO GO!!!

After that it was back to IM training-trainer partner Steve(who also raced) and I hopped on the bikes for a 40 mile ride home. Lake Placid or bust!

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